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Founded in 2000, the World Series of Polo is a Championship Title Event Series for the World Polo League, comprised of female and male players from the U.S. Women's Polo Federation ("USWPF") and the U.S. Men's Polo Federation ("USMPF").

The USWPF/USMPF was the first international governing polo authority to establish and organize U.S. sports competitions between U.S. City-based pro polo sports teams in a national format. It is currently led by Kimberly Casey Carr, its Founder, President & CEO, and Chip Stiegler, the USWPF/USMPF World Polo League's Commissioner.


Like Wimbledon, our World Series of Polo Championship title events for our staggered seasons (women's, then men's) are now yearly events with a main venue that does not change location, although pre-season exhibition events are often held internationally or in our sister U.S. team cities when our players come out to visit local polo clubs.

 The USWPF League was originally comprised of 8 Eastern and 8 Western Circuit Women's Polo teams. In their 2000/2001 Inaugural Season, the Atlanta, Charlottesville, Dallas, Houston, L.A., Miami, Palm Beach and San Diego teams competed in the World Series of Polo Championships in Atlanta.

The World Series of Polo expanded to field Men's U.S. City-based regional polo teams under their U.S. Men's Polo Federation ("USMPF") branch. The two pro sports leagues are now divided into 2 conference Leagues: the American Polo Conference (APC) and the National Polo Conference (NPC) vying for the World Series of Polo Championship Cup title and all teams are members of play for the World Series of Polo's World Polo League.

 The USWPF/USMPF adheres to international rules of play as dictated under the Federation of International Polo. The USWPF/USMPF is the sole governing authority for its U.S. City-designated pro polo sports teams. World Series of Polo Properties, Inc. presently holds the licensing, merchandising and broadcast rights for the USWPF/USPMF series.

The USWPF/USMPF's World Polo League's 32 U.S. City Teams (16 Women's and 16 Men's) will vie for the prestigious World Series of Polo Championship Cup next in 2019 in Ocala, Florida.


Our Racing Connection

Hailing from Kentucky horse country, our founder, Kimberly Casey Carr, is an avid horsewoman and renown horse advocate, having long appreciated the fast and majestic nature of the thoroughbred horse. It has been her mission to educate fellow equestrians on the value of having retired racehorses retrained and revitalized into pro polo sport endeavors to extend longevity for this special breed of thoroughbred sport horse and continue its great legacy.


 Ocala, Florida is known as the "Horse Capital of the World" and offers racing, hunter/jumper, polo and many other equestrian sports. Ocala, alone, is home to over 1,200 horse farms, including 900+ thoroughbred farms, and 77,000+ acres! According to Alltech's Steve Elliot, the annual economic impact of the equine industry is significant - approximately $300 Billion dollars and 1.6 million full-time jobs, $102 Billion dollars of which is generated in the USA. There are over 9.2 million horses in the USA. With approximately 329 million U.S. citizens, there is currently 1 horse for every 35 people you interact with in the USA. Our equine industry touches lives everywhere!

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We strive to offer amazing match-day experiences with high-tech hospitality lounges that cater to everyone! During our national events we offer orientations to horse racing and polo with tours for our first-timers and polo VIPs. We also host polo camps, trail rides, horse care instructional and polo lessons for beginners. Don't miss all the live interaction on site at our events!! Tour our luxury equestrian vendor area. Visit our state of the art EqueWork office complex. Become a community member in our EqueWork office share facilities and gain access to our amazing, sustainable-themed, polo, breeding and horse race networking environment, meetups and events.

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