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World Series of Polo

World Series of Polo

Founded in 2000, World Series of Polo is a U.S. Pro Polo Sports League Championship Title Event.  The U.S. Women's Polo Federation, led by Kimberly Casey Carr, was the first polo organization to establish U.S. City-based regional teams and was originally comprised of 8 Eastern and Western Circuit Women's teams: Atlanta, Charlottesville, Dallas, Houston, L.A., Miami, Palm Beach and San Diego. They also hosted international events in Barbados at Lion Castle Polo Club to help their mission of growing the sport of polo nationally and internationally.

After nearly 2 decades of staggered seasons of exhibition matches and tournament play, the World Series of Polo is now hosting its 8th Championship Play-Off event.

The U.S. City team League tournaments have now expanded to field 16 Official Women's and 16 Men's U.S. City teams which are divided into 2 conference leagues: the American Polo Conference (APC) and the National Polo Conference (NPC) vying for the World Series of Polo Championship Cup title.

U.S. City Teams scheduled for the 2018/2019 World Series of Polo Championship Events are currently based out of: Aiken, Aspen, Atlanta, Charlottesville, Chicago, Dallas/Austin, D.C., Greenwich, Las Vegas, L.A., Louisville, New York, Orlando, Palm Beach, Philadelphia

These U.S. City team designations are designed to assist local Polo Clubs gain more exposure and attendance, as well as to help grow the sport of polo further in their local and regional communities.

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